Fast-growing organizations are increasingly turning to cloud ERP, such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, as a strategic investment for long-term business success. These businesses stand to benefit from the technology’s ability to simplify everyday work, steer regulatory compliance, and help optimize the workforce — all supported by continuous innovation and steadfast guidance.

SAP is pleased to introduce add-on packages for the GROW with SAP offering, which are uniquely tailored to the needs of finance and HR functions. These packages integrate the latest cloud solutions, infrastructure, and services into a strategic toolkit, addressing the challenges and opportunities growing companies face. 

The add-on packages provide a dependable, company-wide view that strengthens financial and HR management practices as strategic pillars for growth. In return, businesses can operate more efficiently, sustainably, and effectively — even when expanding their operations. 

Here is a summary of our new add-on packages.

Digital Banking Package for GROW with SAP

Connect your banks, financial institutions, and payment service providers directly to SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition through a single, centralized platform: The digital banking package provides a multi-bank, digital channel between ERP systems and banks with optional embedded SWIFT connectivity. Integrated payment and statement processes are also available, bringing more comprehensive visibility across the payment value chain. 

With the digital banking package, businesses gain critical capabilities; for example:

  • Smooth connectivity to financial and payment services to accelerate the onboarding of providers and strengthen compliance with PCI DSS standards  
  • A cloud service for processing incoming credit cards, incoming and outgoing payments, and API-based instance balances 
  • Reduction in cash reconciliation efforts while optimizing IT costs and increasing flexibility when choosing providers

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GROW with SAP Advanced Treasury and Risk Management Package    

Invest confidently and mitigate financial risks while doing more with fewer resources: The GROW with SAP advanced treasury and risk management package gives treasurers the comprehensive solution they need to capture exposure data, classify and qualify risks, and trigger trade actions. Predefined connectivity and integration capabilities are available as well, connecting businesses to trading platforms and providers and supporting cash, investment, and risk processes in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition.   

The package includes proven solutions, such as:    

  • Financial risk management 
  • Debt and investment management  
  • Advanced treasury analytics and executive dashboards 
  • Hedge management and hedge accounting in compliance with IFRS and U.S. GAAP requirements  
  • Smart trading using SAP Business Technology Platform and smooth integration with an external trading platform

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GROW with SAP Advanced Compliance Automation Package

Address evolving regulatory and industry compliance requirements with greater ease and confidence: The GROW with SAP advanced compliance automation package empowers finance teams to transform and standardize their processes globally while adhering to local standards efficiently. Furthermore, the package helps meet e-invoicing mandates while keeping order-to-cash processes efficient and internal controls adequate. 

The advanced compliance automation package features proven compliance offerings, including:

  • SAP Document and Reporting Compliance solution to fulfill local compliance mandates and automate compliance processes
  • SAP Risk and Assurance Management application to centrally manage internal controls over financial reporting, improving performance and protecting core data and processes

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GROW with SAP, Core HR Add-On 

Drive continuous alignment between HR and finance to achieve better business outcomes: The GROW with SAP core HR add-on provides a modern cloud-based core HR system that serves as the source of people data in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition. It contains the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution, allowing organizations to use a common data model for HR and finance.   

The core HR add-on helps businesses realize key benefits, such as:   

  • Improve people and financial data quality with pre-delivered integration
  • Drive more effective workforce planning with holistic real-time insights
  • Embrace the latest innovations, such as AI, with a single cloud platform
  • Engage users with consistent experiences across HR and finance applications
  • Get up and running quickly with pre-configured processes and best practices

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Business Growth with the Best of Finance and HR

Add-on packages for GROW with SAP provide fast-growing organizations with the tools they need to not only enhance their finance and HR operations, but also lay a solid foundation for future success. They can navigate an increasingly complex and competitive landscape with the insight and power to confidently embrace change, fuel innovation, and achieve ongoing growth in an ever-evolving economy.  

Eric van Rossum is chief marketing and solutions officer for Cloud ERP at SAP.

The add-on packages for GROW with SAP can help transform your business at your preferred pace and timeline