Three of the more than 40 predominantly AI-based tools that SAP digital hubs use to serve large numbers of customers through insights-driven and robust self-service capabilities won silver and bronze at the 2024 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

Enterprise GPT and digital launchpad, powered by Joule, won silver in the Best Use of Technology in Sales category, while SAP Digital Value Discovery won bronze for Value-Based Selling Techniques.

Courtesy of The Stevie Awards.

Digital customer engagement at SAP is executed via digital hubs located at 15 locations across six continents. The hubs are home to more than 1,000 digitally skilled, multi-disciplinary teams that innovate with and apply AI capabilities to serve personalized and immersive engagements, whenever and wherever needed.

“SAP digital hubs were able to support more than 22,000 customer engagements last year – primarily virtually – thanks to a plethora of AI tools we adopt internally to drive wider customer coverage and faster execution of digital customer engagements,” explains Sam Masri, global head of Digital for Customer Success at SAP.

“We are scaling and expanding our digital customer engagement capabilities to every customer-facing role and function in SAP, ensuring everyone uses multiple AI tools to outsource administrative, repetitive, and manual activities to AI,” he elaborates. “This way, we have more capacity to focus on strategic activities that address customer needs and increase customer satisfaction. We engage with SAP customers of all sizes and industries at a pace that matches their pressing business requirements, accelerating business outcomes they get from our cloud solutions.”

The Stevie Awards encompass several of the world’s leading business award programs, including the prestigious American Business Awards® and International Business Awards®. More than 2,300 nominations from organizations of all sizes across all industries from 47 nations and territories were evaluated in this year’s competition. Finalists were determined by the average scores of more than 200 professionals worldwide.

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