In these unprecedented times, what can businesses do to contribute to the betterment of society as a whole? We believe organizations can bring societies and people together, can increase trust by transparency and demonstrating/leading with social responsibility among their core values. SAP’s vision has been and continues to “help the world run better and improve people’s lives”. Now is the time, more than ever before, to take this charge with more vigor and energy. So we hunker down in our remote offices, gather around the digital design boards and get to work on building software solutions for the future. And that is what is happening in CX organization, as you heard Adrian discuss today.

If anything, the global pandemic has accelerated a trend we’ve known about where consumers and customers ultimately have the freedom to choose the organizations they work with, on the channels they prefer and on their terms. Our mission within SAP CX is to support our customers in meeting that expectation of freedom and ability to continue the relevant engagements across channels by investing in solutions that provide dynamic and in-the-moment experiences that are constantly evolving. The SAP CX solution portfolio is designed to help companies understand customers, engage with customers and deliver on a brand promise.

SAP’s comprehensive CX solution portfolio consists of the following:

  1. Customer Data which provides the living breathing unified view of the customer for use in systems of engagement (SAP and non-SAP) with industry leading identity and data privacy solutions as a foundation.
  2. Commerce to deliver commerce everywhere with personalized, frictionless and transparent experiences.
  3. Marketing to engage the customer on their terms across any channel at scale with personalized and 1:1 engagement powered by AI.
  4. Sales to provide connected sales experiences that accelerate the buying process and turn customers into advocates.
  5. Service with experiences and to enable fast resolutions across channels with deep understanding of the customer for the best possible chance of converting those customers to raving fans.
  6. You can find detailed solution information here: https://enable.cx.sap.com/
  7. As you may have heard, SAP closed the acquisition of Emarsys earlier this month. Emarsys is a leading independent omnichannel customer engagement platform provider. Its cloud native customer engagement platform will augment SAP CX to provide customers with a ‘commerce everywhere’ strategy.

Emarsys will act as the engagement platform, taking action on data from SAP Commerce and SAP Customer Data Cloud, leveraging the front-office and back-office insight that only SAP can provide along with the experience data from Qualtrics as well as supply chain data and beyond.

You may wonder with all the new technology, solutions and acquisitions, how is SAP CX prepared to support existing customers? Well we are happy to report that the customer success organization is designed to support, educate, help with digital transformation journeys and anything else that might be required by the existing customer base. Customer success organization is designed to serve customers with a gamut of solution deployments from on-premise to cloud.

We hope this blog provides you with a window into CX world at SAP. For additional information please check out this link. https://enable.cx.sap.com/