SAP has the right approach to support customers to find answers faster, improve support interactions, and increase efficiency and productivity. Try the Product Support Accreditation program and gain an overview of all channels, initiatives, and best practices from Product Support.

Product Support Accreditation provides support best practices and tips directly from Product Support experts to maximize the effectiveness of support interactions and reduce time to resolution. It is simple and is available at no additional cost.

Participants can enjoy easy-to-consume learning modules on demand and at their own pace. They will benefit from the interactive format, where learnings can easily be validated in interactive quizzes and support users in their progress. Enrolled participants who have successfully completed a final assessment automatically receive a badge, which they can share with their community and via social media.

Users also benefit from continuous updates, for which they can register and stay informed about the latest improvements and tools from Product Support.

How It Works

Product Support Accreditation is easy to access using an S-user via SAP Support Portal to subscribe for the program under the Welcome Center.

  • The program consists of three modules: self-service and incident prevention, real-time interactions, and digital support experience. Each module contains a set of short, interactive videos and PDF documents. At the end of each module, a short quiz is taken to ensure full understanding of the presented material.
  • A final assessment is presented upon completion of each of the modules the user is awarded a badge.
  • A final assessment is presented upon completion of all the modules. Upon successful completion of the final assessment, an accreditation is then awarded.
  • Subscribed users who complete the final assessment will be provided an Acclaim badge, shareable on social media.

Explore the informative approach of the program and gain empowerment and awareness of all the available resources from Product Support.

Screenshot: Product Support AccreditationThe FAQ section on the Product Support Accreditation landing page provides more details for those who want to dive deeper into the program.

Screenshot: Product Support Accreditation FAQsJoin the Product Support Accreditation program today.