Since releasing the first offering for SAP Solution Extensions 15 years ago, businesses have undergone significant changes in their consumer and employee experiences.

The demand for high-quality products has given way to pleas for better convenience, more sustainable operations, and faster delivery. Now more than ever, exceptionally curated and trusted experiences are the expectation, as consumer demands evolve with the day and time, demographics, and personal life events.

Staying competitive in today’s fluid and fast-moving experience economy is no easy task. But when SAP customers have artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other intelligent technologies in their digital arsenal, they become intelligent enterprises that can accurately pinpoint nuanced opportunities for capturing consumer attention and loyalty.

As 10,000 SAP customers already know, adopting these leading-edge digital capabilities is never as easy as picking and plugging in a single solution and walking away. There are multiple layers of complexity across the existing IT infrastructure that must be first simplified. And in every case, this step is worth the wait, thanks to outcomes such as lower risk, accelerated transformation, and future-proofed technology investments.

Next-Level Experiences with a Choice of Complete SAP Solution Extensions 

With access to more than 90 solutions, over 50 million people have trusted SAP Solution Extensions to advance and realize the full potential of every stage of their company’s digital transformation. SAP integrates these strategic, third-party solutions with SAP software to complement existing digital capabilities.

Qualified, tested, validated, approved, and supported, SAP Solution Extensions are thoroughly vetted by SAP to help ensure they exactly meet standards for security, accessibility, functional correctness, performance, and scalability. This level of commitment helps ensure that every line-of-business and industry-specific functionality helps connect experiences and operations with intelligence.

For intelligent enterprises, SAP Solution Extensions provide much-needed peace of mind. They can connect experiences with operations in ways that drive significant value throughout the consumer, product, brand, and employee experience by elevating the performance of fundamental aspects of leading-edge digital landscapes.

  • Business Technology Platform: Accelerate business operations by digitalizing processes end to end with extensions for enterprise content management, data management, data mapping and protection, application deployment readiness, low-code rapid application development, and business process mining and optimization.
  • Customer Experience: Stimulate differentiation and growth with continuous process innovation and delivery of exceptional customer experiences. SAP Solution Extensions support relevant capabilities, including incentive administration, paybacks and chargebacks, centralized knowledge base, enterprise resource planning (ERP) data maintenance, and data mediation, as well as management of the commerce marketplace and omnichannel customer experience.
  • Intelligent ERP: Unite business intelligence into one source of enterprise-wide truth while reducing data entry and processing costs. Businesses can digitalize and streamline standard financial management shared services — such as order to cash, financial close, central finance, and transaction replication — while demonstrating compliance with safeguarded data security, access, and interactions enterprise-wide.
  • People Engagement: Engage employees through an exceptional experience of meaningful human resources (HR) interactions. SAP Solution Extensions can be integrated with existing HR applications — from HR document and records management to benefits optimization, learning, and e-signatures — in order to attract, develop, and keep the right talent.
  • Digital Supply Chain and Intelligent Spend Management: Realize the competitive edge of intelligently connecting people, things, and assets to form a core ecosystem of intelligence. Supply chains and finance operations can take advantage of capabilities based on the Internet of Things (IoT), including digital twinning, as well as capabilities for enterprise asset management and procure to pay.
  • Industry-Specific Needs: Address needs that are very much unique to the business and impact operations differently than any other business inside and outside an industry. SAP Solution Extensions addresses a broad range of processes and requirements for industries — from agribusiness, retail, and industrial manufacturing to energy and natural resources, financial services, and public services.

In the coming weeks, this series will demonstrate how SAP Solution Extensions can help strengthen each of these foundational elements of a digital strategy for delivering experience that employees and consumers will love.

Next week’s installment will offer a deep dive into SAP Solution Extensions for business technology platforms.

Learn more about the solutions at sap.com/solution-extensions.