In a business world obsessed with automation, a humanized approach could easily be overlooked, especially when it comes to customer support. There are so many benefits when it comes to automation in support, but it is more important than ever to look at humanizing the customer experience.

Addressing Customer Experience with Humans

During my 20-year tenure at SAP, I have worked alongside customers and have always found it meaningful to listen to them and help them succeed. I believe creating a positive customer experience boils down to effortless interaction with SAP Product Support. Let’s be honest: When something goes wrong, especially for your business, there is naturally a huge frustration that comes along with it. This must be met with genuine care and resourcefulness.

As humans, we have complex thought patterns, decision-making, and a wide range of emotions. Technology and automation cannot address all of these. By understanding the kinds of repercussions that come with technical issues, I can wholeheartedly relate to customers’ desire to connect with someone — not a machine — who can fix their issues with the least amount of effort as possible. In this day and age, where customer expectations are higher than ever, efficiency and real-time channels for support are imperative.

Throughout my years in support, I have heard from customers that they would like to be able to speak to a manager or someone who can help get the job done. Not only is this a great way to be accountable to customers, it is also a great way to influence their overall experience and gain more insight into customers, allowing SAP to become a trusted advisor to them.

This is exactly why SAP has developed the new Schedule a Manager service for high-priority incidents. The service is available to all SAP customers at no additional cost and for nearly all SAP solutions. SAP  noticed a gap in the customer experience journey and is filling this need for  customers — all while maximizing their satisfaction.

How Schedule a Manager Works

SAP developed Schedule a Manager to put customers in front of the people who can treat their issues with the utmost importance, thereby helping exponentially reduce the risk of further escalation.

Alongside the Expert Chat and Schedule an Expert services, Schedule a Manager provides customers an easy way to book a 15-minute phone call with a support manager. This manager works alongside the relevant product support engineer day in and day out to discuss the details of a customer’s high-priority incident.

SAP envisioned a service that would allow management to get closer to  customers and empower  leaders to directly impact and influence customers’ support experience. Through Schedule a Manager, SAP is bringing that to life by enabling customers to quite literally schedule a conversation with a manager – but not just any manager, the right manager — including me.

Beyond the Customer Experience

When I look back on my own career as a manager, some of my best learning experiences came from interactions with customers. Every interaction is an opportunity to make a difference and will help SAP better develop a strong sense of empathy with customers.

Schedule a Manager will not only impact how we interact, but it will also impact our overall brand affinity in the eyes of some of our most important stakeholders. With this new service, we hope to make customers feel like we know who they are, what they need help with, and why their business is so important to us.

Learn how to use Schedule a Manager here.

Kristen Cordell-LaBarge is head of Support for Customer Experience in SAP Product Support.