Work is changing, in many ways for the better, moving from task execution toward more problem solving, strategic thinking, and managing human relationships. But the changes are rapid, posing a challenge for leaders to deliver workplace experiences that keep their people engaged and productive.

Current system landscapes can feel fragmented, confusing, and jarring, with employees logging into 10 or more applications to accomplish straightforward tasks. What may seem like minor disruptions can have a major impact on the overall employee experience. In fact, research shows that 74 percent of employees believe that if they had better technology, it would make their experience at work easier and better.

Human experience management (HXM) is about putting people at the center of what powers the business; making work not only easier, but more individualized to each employee. With remote work here to stay, it is increasingly important that employees feel connected, informed, and with access to the tools they need to be productive from any device or location.

SAP Work Zone for HR is a new HXM solution that provides a personalized digital workplace so employees can tap into everything they need from a single touch point and personalize it based on what matters to them and what they need to do their best work. The product is available for preview today and is planned for general availability on November 20.

Creating a New Digital Workplace Experience with SAP Work Zone for HR

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Creating a New Digital Workplace Experience with SAP Work Zone for HR

 Easy Access to Relevant Apps, Processes, and Information 

As mentioned, the average day for many employees involves logging into multiple applications to find information and complete tasks. This can stunt their workflow, reduce productivity, and result in frustration and stress.

They expect a better experience, an intelligent workplace that streamlines tasks in an easy and connected way. SAP Work Zone for HR connects multiple applications, processes, and information into a single entry point. This includes solutions from across the entire SAP ecosystem — from the SAP SuccessFactors portfolio and our robust community of partner apps.

Employees can access everything they need without toggling back and forth among applications or spending time searching for the right tool to complete tasks.

Beyond streamlining and bringing together multiple applications, it is important to provide individualization to employees. What is relevant to one person might not be relevant to another. SAP Work Zone for HR allows employees to customize their dashboards based on how they want the different pieces organized. It intelligently surfaces content, insights, and actions based on their behaviors.

Building a Culture of Continuous Learning from Any Device

Fostering a culture of continuous learning is increasingly important for organizations to remain agile and competitive. SAP Work Zone for HR offers the agility organizations need to manage fast-paced change, from onboarding and offboarding employees to reskilling and upskilling to meet new demands. By using built-in discovery and collaboration capabilities, peer resources and intelligent recommendations, employees can easily access the resources they need – all using the same simplified interface. They can also tap into community and affinity groups that provide a safe place for employees to ask questions and pursue interests, from building community to volunteering.

By putting everything employees need to do their job at their fingertips – including continuous learning, skills development and on the job training – organizations can empower them to adapt and succeed.

Engaging and Connecting the Workforce from Any Device

For business continuity, especially in times of change, organizations should be able to rely on a single platform as a unifier of information. Equally important is meeting employees where they are and working to make the information and tools they need available to them across all devices.

SAP Work Zone for HR enables leaders to push top-down communications swiftly and easily, without IT involvement. Whether it is a new safety protocol, a learning program, or the latest company strategy, leaders can support their employees – regardless of location or role – in having access to the right information.

This level and ease of communication can be especially important for deskless workers who depend on mobile devices to stay connected, such as people who work on a shop floor or at a retail store who might be limited in how they collaborate with their colleagues and managers.

Employees also have various methods of communicating and collaborating with each other. SAP Work Zone for HR enables discussion sessions and Q&As so they can ask questions, get responses from experts, and communicate with each other. Not only does this help increase engagement and encourage transparency, it provides leaders with real-time feedback. Experience Management solutions from SAP and Qualtrics can be embedded throughout SAP Work Zone for HR so leaders can capture feedback and take action – making sure employees feel heard and understood.

Empowering the New Digital Workplace

What is the ultimate benefit of all this? A better employee experience and, with it, a better customer experience and stronger company performance. The way to foster a truly mission-driven, agile organization, requires access — access for the individual to work autonomously with ease, and in the driver’s seat of their own career journeys.

With SAP Work Zone for HR, organizations can provide a simplified digital workplace experience when their people need it the most.

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Amy Wilson is senior vice president of  Products and Design for SAP SuccessFactors.