To help remove language barriers, SAP is launching a new automatic machine translation feature for Expert Chat in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. Customers can get fast machine-generated translations in their preferred language at the click of a button – and at no additional cost.

Now, in addition to Portuguese (Brazilian) and Simplified Chinese, machine translations for Spanish and German have been added. SAP will continue to work closely with our customers to consider additional languages based on demand.

When starting an Expert Chat session to receive help for technical, product-related questions, customers have now the option to turn on automatic translations in the chat sessions. If they agree to use, their chat conversation with the SAP expert will be automatically translated based on the selected language. Automatic translation can be turned off by typing “translation off” and turned on again by typing “translation on” in the “reply field” during the session. After an Expert Chat session, the chat transcript will be automatically saved. Both the original text and the translated text will be added into the incident. Automatic translation for Expert Chat is only available when the Expert Chat session is started through the new access point within the unified support experience, embedded in the incident creation form. Learn more about how it works here.

Automatic Translation for Communication with the SAP Engineer within Incidents

Within an existing incident, customers can now use an automatic machine translation feature to translate the last reply of their communication with the SAP engineer. To use it, they can simply go to their incident in the “Last Communication” section under “Details” and click the Translate button, then choose their preferred language out of the 10 available languages: English, German, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian and Russian. More information can be found here.

Automatic translation is a personalized self-service option especially designed to help customers who are not fluent in English fully understand the content. They can interact with SAP Support without language barriers in their preferred language. The feature automatic translation is generated by SAP Translation Hub, which is specially designed to recognize SAP documentation and terminology. This helps customers get the right SAP technical information, in the right context for their business.

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