SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps: Fundamental Guidance to an Intelligent ERP Transformation


Every transformation journey can run faster and avoid uncertainty with a well-defined road map. With the latest expansion of the SAP Enterprise Support value maps, organizations can gain a clear view to fulfill their true potential with a best-fit enterprise resource planning (ERP) foundation and secure their future with new capabilities.

Far from a catchphrase, the Intelligent Enterprise concept helps organizations break through the paralysis of unanticipated change. This framework advocates for the use of an organized backbone of data knowledge, digital skills and services, and intelligent technologies to actively resolve business challenges, pivot operations, and respond intelligently to disruptive situations.

Many SAP customers rely on the SAP Enterprise Support value maps to quickly restructure and ramp up new approaches to innovate products, services, and experiences that their customers and employees require. The value maps fuel these changes by providing the clarity to choose and set up a best-fit digital foundation with prescriptive guidance, interactive learning, social collaboration, and access to SAP experts and industry peers throughout the application lifecycle.

Whether enabling the Intelligent Enterprise or unlocking its power, the value maps help customers adopt and run SAP offerings, including SAP S/4HANA, SAP Analytics, SAP Customer Experience, and SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Additionally, the value maps provide guidance for topics such as application lifecycle management, security, data volume management, business process improvement, or digital innovation – which are all foundational elements.

Adapting and Thriving with a Best-Match Intelligent ERP

Moving from a legacy IT system to the modern ERP capabilities of SAP S/4HANA is a critical part of securing the foundation to become an intelligent enterprise. The future-ready ERP comes with built-in intelligent technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, advanced analytics, and a modern user experience.

More importantly, SAP S/4HANA can be deployed and used with flexibility and control. Our customers can choose one of three deployment options:

  • Private cloud: Benefit from a subscription-based, cloud implementation that safeguards pre-existing investments in legacy ERP customizations, configurations, and partner add-ons. Incremental transformation into a pure software-as-a-service (SaaS) landscape is supported by software, support, technical managed services, and infrastructure made available through one point of contact with one set of service-level agreement terms.
  • Public cloud: Reimagine business processes and take advantage of standardized best practices without converting legacy ERP processes and configurations. This complete, modern, and native SaaS ERP solution provides the fastest path to innovation and the lowest total cost of ownership.
  • On premise: Gain complete control and ownership of your applications and data landscape to manage unique, customer-specific needs that cannot be addressed in the cloud. Organizations can leverage existing IT departments, infrastructure, budget, and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) vendor agreements while remaining compliant with industry- and country-specific regulations.

Moving Closer to Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise

With the assistance of the SAP Enterprise Support value maps, our customers can determine the deployment option and transformation path that best fit their needs, so they can orchestrate their move with confidence. More importantly, they can adopt and run scenarios with guided enablement – ranging from lifecycle management and extensibility to data security and analytics – to help secure the changes needed to achieve the expected transformation.

The value maps empower our customers to control their transformation, with SAP S/4HANA at the center. We provide knowledge transfer, analysis and recommendations, and guidance, including:

  • Comparison of each edition: Determine which edition can support a transformation that benefits the organization the most.
  • Content on transition options: Explore possible transition paths, such as new implementation, system conversion, or selective data transition.
  • Readiness checks and planning: Get guidance on planning and preparation activities for moving to SAP S/4HANA, then define a straightforward process of structured and solution-specific practices to adopt and extend new and differentiating capabilities.
  • Continuous quality check services: Provide an expert analysis of the customer landscape and deliver best practice improvement recommendations to help ensure a smooth go-live and rapid user adoption.
  • Insight on extending value: Explore the benefits of SAP Fiori apps, embedded analytics, and other innovation possibilities to get the most benefit from the deployment of SAP S/4HANA.

Accessing the Core Essentials for a Self-Paced Transformation Journey

The outcomes that our customers are achieving are proof of the power of choice, guided learning, and expertise during an ERP migration experience. Some businesses integrate their innovations through expert training and support services to uphold a vision of brand excellence and trusted consumer experiences. Other organizations migrate their ERP software and replace legacy systems to minimize risk and help ensure an efficient transition without disrupting operations. And many more companies simplify and automate IT operations and optimize their database to prepare for a smooth move to the cloud.

Remember, there isn’t one right way to becoming an intelligent enterprise. But the SAP Enterprise Support value maps for SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, could undoubtedly make your path clearer by helping you ensure your success in adopting and running an intelligent ERP.

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Ami Patel is global program lead for SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps at SAP.