Technology does not do much good if employees won’t use it. With embedded launch activities from SAP, HR organizations can break through this all-to-common obstacle to keep up with the move to hybrid work experiences while keeping people informed, collaborating, connecting, and learning anytime and anywhere.

Arguably, cloud-based HR solutions have pulled most businesses through times of unthinkable disruption that could have otherwise shut down operations and limited the management of an increasingly remote workforce. But all too often, these technologies do not meet business expectations for one primary reason: lack of solution adoption.

While more than 75% of companies feel secure that they possess the technologies to navigate the changing work environment, the application of these tools tends to vary around the world. This finding from a joint study by Oxford Economics and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) indicates that technology adoption disproportionately impacts the workforce and long-term businesses growth.

SAP is helping HR organizations overcome this risk with embedded launch activities that accelerate the acceptance, use, and value realization of SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Connecting User Needs and Available Technologies

The successful adoption of cloud technology is usually characterized by three competencies:

  • Asking the right questions to get a full scope of what the business and its employees need
  • Pulling all that information together to guide the creation of a comprehensive strategy
  • Reaping the most value from digital investments as quickly as possible

These critical elements would come together naturally and easily in a perfect world. However, every organization and its individual business units have their own unique set of ideas and requirements for change management.

For example, an organization may be deploying a solution across multiple clouds to support a variety of countries with languages. Such circumstances can be further complicated by varying levels of change readiness, digital skills, and awareness of how the technology drives the improvements to get work done faster, better, and more efficiently.

Embedded launch activities for SAP SuccessFactors solutions enable customers to understand the essential components of the chosen solution before starting their deployment project. Organizations can adopt and consume suitable leading practices and let their users reap the benefits of human experience management (HXM) with a fast time to value. The activities are made available as part of a new subscription of any SAP SuccessFactors solution.*

The guidance that SAP provides through embedded launch activities gives organizations the visibility to connect workforce needs to the right SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Users gain the flexibility to consume content items relevant to their roles, and they can visualize the benefits of the implemented solution for themselves and the rest of the business.

These capabilities, leading global practices, and insights are supported from system setup and basic configuration to deployment and initial adoption through three primary activities:

Guided Enablement

A framework of recorded enablement sessions on business processes, solution architecture, and other strategy-related topics is recommended by role. Customers can consume the recorded content at their own pace, then join follow-up sessions to a receive response to any question on global leading practices they have submitted in advance.

Demo Environment

A preconfigured demo environment enriched with sample data helps organizations and their users to understand the leading practices enabled by SAP SuccessFactors solutions and become familiar with them. In addition, a guide is available to help users navigate the demo environment.

Adoption Touch Points

User enablement and process-specific adoption metrics enable organizations to visualize progress toward widespread user enablement and solution adoption. The feedback from the value realization report on adoption metrics will help customers in defining potential additional steps on solution adoption.

Increasing the Appetite and Uptake of HR Transformation

Skepticism is an inescapable part of adopting new technology, no matter how accessible and intuitive it is. But when organizations can make the solution easier to access and faster to learn, leverage, and fit into the flow of daily work, the walls of adoption can break down and HR transformation begins.

That is the beauty of technology adoption that inspired embedded launch activities for SAP SuccessFactors solutions. The activities tap the emotional nature of adoption to convince users to readily embrace HXM solutions and best practices without having to set aside time and come to a conference room to be trained. Organizations can gauge factors such as ease of use, data security, accessibility of additional services and support, and configured experiences that deliver the right information to the right person.

And when people feel connected, supported, and empowered to use SAP SuccessFactors solutions, the workforce and business both win. Together, they can form plans and shape strategies to adapt to change, drive a dynamic workplace culture, and impact business growth.

*Check out the latest list of SAP SuccessFactors solutions supported by embedded launch activities from SAP.