Discover Cross-Industry Innovation in the Cloud and Become a Sustainable Intelligent Enterprise


Lines between industries are blurring, and it isn’t enough for your business to be the best in its class. Automotive newcomers are uprooting long-standing industry leaders and embracing concepts from their friends in high tech. Manufacturers are taking notes from consumer products and debuting as-a-service offerings that increase revenue. Oil and gas companies are transforming into full-scale energy providers. The list goes on.

SAP solutions and services can help your business start thinking, acting, and innovating like a leader – a leader from another industry, that is. Through SAP MaxAttention, you can lean on our expert knowledge and experience of your industry – and many more – as you explore new technologies on the way to a successful digital transformation. Take advantage of industry cloud solutions from SAP, including more than 200 industry-specific applications built by SAP and SAP partners.

With SAP’s industry cloud, you can optimize and transform at a much faster pace. SAP MaxAttention can show you how to use these solutions to build innovations – without overhauling entire systems or putting limitations on what you can do with your data. With our help, you can:

  • Access innovation in modular, consumable packages
  • Plug innovations in quickly without disrupting existing technologies and processes
  • Reach across categories to get ideas, apps, and solutions from other industries

SAP’s industry cloud can provide a foundation for innovation and transformation, connecting you to a community of in-depth SAP expertise, top thinkers, investors, and disruptors. Now, it’s your turn to create a new future with the cloud. When you trust SAP MaxAttention, you’ll work with us to grow and evolve based on innovative technology trends and next practices – using SAP’s industry cloud – that cross industry lines.

Assess the Industry – And Your IT Architecture

Trends and best practices are changing all the time, and it can be hard for a busy business to keep up. You may know your competitors use technologies such as the cloud to provide better customer experiences, but you can’t possibly know how their technology infrastructures look and perform. Yet, this knowledge is a prerequisite to creating a successful and competitive technology strategy.

More specifically, we can help you uncover the potential that new technology holds for your business and what your IT architecture needs before it can take advantage of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and other next-generation innovations. These innovations are key to realizing the transformation into a sustainable intelligent enterprise. For instance, leaders across industries are using automation to eliminate manual tasks and digital waste that contribute to their carbon footprint.

What about retail?

As the shift from bricks to clicks increases, we can help a retailer understand the imperative for omnichannel customer experiences, such as the ability to offer personalized products and experiences that boost customer retention. Our services can reveal how retail businesses can break down silos that separate valuable customer data insights from the systems that need them.

Demonstrate Real Value with Proof of Concepts

Engagements with SAP MaxAttention are designed to help create both quick wins and long-term value. We help develop proof-of-concept (PoC) projects that demonstrate the real benefits of SAP’s industry cloud and how it can transform and optimize your existing business processes and create opportunities for new business models, such as:

  • Increased supply chain visibility across globally distributed production facilities
  • Transparency into the logistics network (such as fleet, trucks, containers, and so on)
  • Asset risk management and asset care strategies to improve plant reliability and safety
  • Omnichannel solutions to orchestrate multichannel salesforce
  • Personalized products for unique end-customer needs
  • More competitive products made possible by providing origination and provenance data
  • Better workforce planning thanks to better visibility into historical data and the ability to leverage forecasts

Our experts can also help you measure success, setting success criteria for your PoC that you can present to the business and other stakeholders to prove the value of digital transformation.

What about the automotive industry?

Carmakers, suppliers, and dealerships are under intense pressure to transform their businesses and prepare for the future of mobility. SAP solutions can help run traditional automotive businesses profitably and more sustainably while driving new growth with innovative new mobility business models.

Extend Industry Innovation

You can’t stop at achieving what the rest of your industry has already done. To create a competitive advantage, you need to take your innovations a step further. SAP MaxAttention can help bring your business up to speed with trends in your industry and others and then build upon those innovations using your unique business strengths as a strategic advantage.

During this step, SAP MaxAttention can help integrate the innovations created with our experts into your technology landscape and connect them with existing applications. For instance, you can connect your industry applications on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) with your finance or logistics data in SAP S/4HANA or third-party solutions. SAP’s industry cloud can extend SAP S/4HANA, our line-of-business cloud solutions, and SAP Business Network with industry next practices.

What about consumer products?

Consumer products companies need to act with agility to meet the fast-changing needs of customers. SAP services can quickly demonstrate the value of AI by deploying a chatbot that helps handle simple customer service requests and empowers human agents to tackle higher-value tasks.

Realize Your Digital Transformation

After demonstrating the value of your PoC, we can help you build the rollout plan for the full-scale deployment of industry cloud solutions from SAP. SAP MaxAttention can help achieve a smooth activation of your new or enhanced solution for a go-live without business disruption.

What about manufacturing?

Working together, we can reveal how a manufacturer might use Industry 4.0 throughout its factories to gain real-time insight into asset performance. Industry 4.0 opens the door to a new level of predictive maintenance that helps manufacturers avoid disruption and stay as profitable as possible.

Exceed Expectations with SAP MaxAttention and SAP’s Industry Cloud

Whether you’re a business in wholesale distribution, automotive, professional services, high tech, consumer products, chemicals, retail, utilities, or any of the industries supported by SAP’s industry cloud, our services are designed for you. We’ve reinvented our services based on industry trends, next practices, and the needs of your business. You can expect our experts to focus holistically on your business – and not on a rigid set of steps or concepts that weren’t created with you in mind.

Start creating real results based on the outcomes your business needs. To learn more about SAP MaxAttention, visit us online.

Markus Steer is Premium Engagement Services lead for Cloud Success Services at SAP.