Businesses once had to choose between profitability and sustainability. Now, sustainability can add to your profitability. Your business doesn’t need to think of sustainability as a roadblock to its ability to compete, innovate, or succeed. Your competitors certainly don’t see it that way.

In fact, your industry peers are likely making ambitious sustainability pledges, such as SAP’s own goal for carbon neutrality by 2023. We’re pledging sustainability not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because efforts toward sustainability can provide everyone with strategic business advantages. You may have already committed to a sustainability goal for these reasons. But do you know how you’re going to get there?

Believe it or not, businesses are making great gains in sustainability by working one step at a time to embed sustainability into their core business processes. SAP MaxAttention can help you create an effective sustainability approach that starts small – but thinks big – so you can turn your sustainability goals into reality.

Make Sustainability a Key Dimension of Your Success

SAP provides solutions and services specific to the needs of businesses of all sizes in 25 industries. Experts from SAP MaxAttention specialize in helping businesses achieve better outcomes using industry cloud solutions from SAP. And now, our experts are ready to support your sustainability strategy with those outcomes in mind.

First, we align with you on your business and sustainability goals. Then, we put our experience to work, sharing how your business can achieve more based on your individual sustainability goals. Along the way, we work together to find out how you can make quick wins by implementing sustainable business practices.

As a business in 2022, it’s your responsibility to transform into a sustainable intelligent enterprise. SAP MaxAttention can help drive sustainability as a key dimension of your digital transformation. These engagements can give the outcomes you need to convince departments across your business that sustainability is not only possible, but also the right move to make for the entire business. With the premium engagements portfolio, you can begin eliminating inefficiencies and streamlining processes to get everyone on board with sustainability.

Quick Win #1: Start Eliminating Digital Waste

Every minute, businesses generate unbelievable amounts of data. This data has fueled our digital era, empowering businesses with valuable insights about themselves and their customers. But did you know that growing volumes of unnecessary data and inefficient data practices are harming the environment? In fact, every 100 gigabytes of data stored in the cloud produces 0.2 tons of carbon dioxide each year. This adds up quickly and increases your carbon footprint.

SAP MaxAttention can help create a better data management strategy that reduces volumes of unused data – and your impact on the environment. Not only that, but this same strategy also empowers you to take advantage of data-driven decision-making because it can make higher quality data more readily available. Your enterprise solutions and software will be able to quickly tap into the data needed to perform powerful analytics, or even to feed the right data to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models. On top of all that, more efficient data management practices can also mean greater savings in your cost of data storage.

Quick Win #2: Take Advantage of Process Automation

AI, machine learning, and automation provide process improvements by automating repetitive, manual tasks that burden employees. By reducing manual processes – and the errors and that come with them – your business can continue to cut down on digital waste and other inefficiencies that chip away at sustainability.

With SAP MaxAttention, you can quickly deploy automated instances that can improve process efficiency. For example, our experts are able to show you where you can digitalize and automate decision-making by using intelligent workflows and business rules. When you cut down on the back-and-forth decision-making between workers, you reduce the digital waste and paper waste that come with those processes. These small gains add up to a more sustainable intelligent enterprise.

Use the success of these instances to convince the rest of the business of the value of automation. Premium engagements can provide a foundation for the deployment of additional automated instances quickly and at scale with the needs of any business area.

Discover What Sustainability Means for Your Business

With years of experience in 25 industries from aerospace and defense to wholesale distribution, experts from SAP are prepared to create a sustainable future that includes your business. SAP MaxAttention can support even the most intense and ambitious sustainability goals. Or, if you haven’t started thinking about what sustainability means for your business, our services will empower you to set achievable goals and exceed your own expectations.

To learn more about SAP MaxAttention, start a conversation about sustainability with your SAP representative. Then, visit us online.

Holger Knoedler is global senior product manager for Cloud Success Services at SAP.