SAP Business Journeys: Delivering Targeted Outcomes with Prescriptive Services Packages


The wave of business transformation happening today confirms an enduring truth: no single action or group of actions defines transformation success. Yet, when you have the guidance to turn business challenges into tangible and bite-size milestones, the resulting outcomes can deliver compelling value.

One of the best examples of this wisdom is the race to tap the massive potential of digital transformation. According to IDC, 41% of organizations need to invest in technology to close digital transformation gaps, while over half (55%) want to expand their use of technology to enhance products and services.* And in most cases, these efforts require a shift away from traditional on-premise applications and toward modern cloud technology.

To help ensure its customers can benefit from everything the cloud offers, SAP reimagined, simplified, and sharpened its services and support portfolio to focus heavily on adoption and experience. And that effort brought to life a suite of new options, including the SAP Business Journeys portfolio.

A Reimagined Services and Support Portfolio and a New Era of Value Creation

Offering Value from the Start and for the Long Term

SAP Business Journeys provide a quick, clear path to help solve specific cross-company challenges with a carefully crafted set of services and support offerings. The portfolio is designed to make standardized business transformation scenarios easier to address and deliver expected results in a concise and consumable way.

SAP Business Journeys feature mandatory and selectable scope options, timelines, and outcomes predefined to help deliver your desired business outcomes.

By choosing the journeys relevant to your specific business objective or IT event, you can gain a simpler way to tackle every aspect of your business transformation, avoiding complexity and focusing on your strategic objectives.

Currently, you can leverage SAP Business Journeys designed to address critical areas that help ensure a successful move to the cloud ‒ with a steady stream of additional journeys planned throughout 2022.

1. Discovery business journey for RISE with SAP

This business journey provides quick answers to initial questions about cloud solutions from SAP such as SAP S/4HANA. Having this information immediately accessible allows you to validate the business case and plan and start the migration project.

You can create a transformation strategy and road map for the chosen SAP solution, identify functional scope, and clarify related business value and potential innovations. Furthermore, SAP guides you through the conceptualization of the business case and request for proposal, including an accurate projection of expected project efforts and timeline.

2. Hyperscaler transition business journey for RISE with SAP

If you already have a clear direction for your transformation, the first step is moving on-premise workloads into the cloud. Doing so helps ensure you have the digital capability to embrace new transformation opportunities with greater ease.

The hyperscaler transition business journey for the RISE with SAP offering helps transition your legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system smoothly to the hyperscaler environment. SAP plans the migration, transfers knowledge to operations, and migrates systems within scope. In addition, you can engage in strategic planning or optimize your data volumes to further accelerate and stabilize this and any future stage of your transformation.

3. Optimization business journey for RISE with SAP

Once your ERP system and data have transitioned to the cloud, the next milestone should be focused on the root cause of most unsuccessful transformation initiatives ‒ an overly customized, complex IT landscape.

This business journey provides transparency and insights into business processes and your system’s preexisting custom code footprint. As a result, you can start planning, adapting, and extending applications to establish modern, back-to-standard business scenarios with increased speed, greater platform flexibility, and less risk.

4. Business journey for SAP Sustainability Control Tower

A common predictor of business transformation success is sustainability. SAP Insights research indicates that an emphasis on sustainable performance opens the door to competitive efficiencies, more streamlined compliance with increasing regulation, and the ability to adapt and thrive through new opportunities.

The business journey for the SAP Sustainability Control Tower solution enables you to achieve these advantages through ambitious sustainability objectives. For example, adopting the holistic, enterprise-wide SAP Sustainability Performance Management analytic application can help set targets, monitor progress, and derive actionable insights from reliable sustainability data.

Driving Lasting Impact with Unmatched Expertise

With SAP Business Journeys it is possible to navigate your business transformation with the confidence of knowing that your complex challenges will be resolved to seize a competitive edge and mitigate risks. More importantly, you’ll have continuous access to services and support that are consistently focused on delivering the results your business needs with speed, certainty, and control.

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*“Business Resilience Requires a Strategic Approach to Digital Transformation,” IDC, sponsored by SAP, 2021. Doc #US47409921.

Kurt Bauer is global senior vice president of Premium Engagements for Cloud Success Services at SAP.