When the pandemic brought on new challenges for multi-company conglomerate Grupo Perez Companc, it decided a digital transformation was necessary to evolve and succeed. Grupo Perez Companc is a group of five companies from various industries, with significant differences in employee demographic, company maturity, and level of complexity in its human resources (HR) needs.

Amid unprecedented global challenges, the group’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Pablo Maison, was tasked with leading the organization through massive changes in its HR strategy. Maison knew that the most important factor to ensuring the success of building out new HR processes that fit the group’s needs was to understand how its people were feeling and what they needed.

The mission to move the group’s five companies to SAP SuccessFactors solutions was to provide HR leaders with more efficiency using a centralized HR system. “The core of our transformation is a simplifying process – improving employee experience and freeing up time in HR – for us to be focused on transformation, not transactions,” Maison shared. To help the workforce transition through change, the group implemented SAP SuccessFactors solutions across various businesses to activate new learning and HR practices that facilitated simplified and efficient HR processes, empowering leaders and managers to have more time to focus on their people.

As the group evolved its HR strategy, it also wanted to find a way to easily capture employee sentiment within existing processes. To truly understand the employee experience, the company turned to Experience Management Solutions from SAP and Qualtrics to provide embedded feedback opportunities that can seamlessly integrate within the flow of work.

“We need to be closer to our employees, and the digital transformation will help us do that,” Maison said. Capturing feedback and insights from employees has enabled the group to develop an HR strategy that is centered around its people. By driving simplified processes, increased efficiency, and creating a culture of ongoing employee listening, Grupo Perez Companc is transforming the way its company works for the better. Implementing Employee Experience Management solutions from SAP and Qualtrics has empowered its leaders with insights to make data-driven decisions and support its people through the challenges of today while preparing them for the future.

Amanda Crittenden is global solution marketing lead for Employee Experience Management at SAP.