In the modern business environment, the critical need to effectively harness data is undeniable. Companies that fail to become data-driven risk falling behind in a world where agility and informed decision-making are paramount. In the recent SAP Data Unleashed event we explored strategies to help organizations access data from any source, transform planning and analysis with a business data fabric, and foster trusted artificial intelligence (AI) across their businesses. Central to this transformation are SAP partners.

For decades, our partners have leveraged their industry expertise and technological know-how to bring immense value to companies of all sizes. They possess a rare fusion of deep industry insights and technological expertise, which they leverage to guide businesses through the delicate process of modernization while ensuring that the essence of their identity remains intact.

We recently asked several of our strategic SAP partners how they’re helping customers take better advantage of their organization’s data. Our partners have observed a significant shift in the way data is perceived and utilized. It’s no longer just a byproduct of business operations but a core asset that, when effectively distributed and made accessible, can revolutionize customer experiences and enable a more strategic, company-wide approach to decision-making.

SAP Partners Bring Out Your Best as a Data-Driven Organization

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SAP Partners Bring Out Your Best as a Data-Driven Organization

However, the mere availability of data is not a panacea. The crux of the matter is transforming data into actionable insights. This is where our partners excel, mapping out advanced use cases and facilitating the transition to cutting-edge platforms like SAP Datasphere and SAP Analytics Cloud. These solutions can empower organizations to evolve into entities where data is not just present but central to every action and decision.

The practical implications of data are vast and deeply rooted in the operational successes of our clients. AI, for instance, is a frontier rich with potential, but its success is inextricably linked to the quality and accessibility of data. Recognizing this, SAP partners are investing in building AI capabilities that can not only propel new business functions but also deliver substantial value.

Another key area of focus for our partners is the concept of a business data fabric, which is critical in developing a flexible enterprise architecture. Such an architecture allows for co-innovation and customization of solutions, ensuring that data is not just an afterthought but a driving force in business operations.

The journey toward a data- and AI-centric business model is an ongoing one, marked by evolving needs, emerging challenges, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. The ultimate aim is to convert potential into lasting business success.

The essence of our relationship with our partners is rooted in a shared vision. We are united in our pursuit of discovery, innovation, and improvement as we navigate the future together. Be sure to watch the videos with our seven strategic partners and discover how the SAP partner ecosystem can help your company become a data-driven organization.

Karl Fahrbach is chief partner officer at SAP.

SAP partners are helping their clients solve critical business challenges