With the adoption of new business models more attuned to the needs of today’s market demands, many enterprises are going through an unprecedented wave of digitization.

Get ready for the second SAP Intelligent Finance and Risk virtual event

Data pervasiveness, hyper-connection of people and things, the rise of machines, and new expectations of what customer experience means are but a few elements that enterprises must account for as they develop their next product or service, or just want to stay relevant in their market.

Finance is not immune to those changes, and in many instances is the essential companion to drive an enterprise through what can sometimes be a foggy road to a meaningful transformation.

As products are moving to services and customer outreach is going direct, the finance industry needs to significantly adapt — and sometimes plainly transform — its processes. New billing and payments models, for example, are disrupting the well-known processes that CFOs and their organizations have been driving in the past decades.

Beyond ensuring efficient and modern operations, finance is also playing an essential role in assessing the financial viability of new business models, products, and services. At the center of the enterprise, finance is becoming a key analytics hub for companies, providing the right insights before new business endeavors are started.

Finally, one of the basic needs for organizations to thrive is ensuring that their most important assets and data are protected from malicious activities. Cybersecurity is not the smallest issue enterprises must cope with. As the guardian of the most sensitive data, finance is increasingly relied upon to ensure digital trust across entire organizations.

But how can finance fulfill those important tasks without disrupting day-to-day operations, and without the luxury of additional headcounts and resources? How can processes by redesigned to expand its scope of responsibilities? What are the latest technologies that can be adopted to automate more while getting increased visibility into the business? What are the pitfalls and opportunities along the way?

To discuss these topics and provide firsthand insights from top experts and peers, SAP is launching the second SAP Intelligent Finance and Risk virtual event on February 11. It is a fully virtual event that addresses all aspects of finance transformation and how SAP technology can help finance and risk executives achieve more automation, get more visibility, and better support the business through times of change.

With more than 40 sessions and keynotes featuring SAP customers, partners, executives, and experts, it is the defining finance and risk event to start the year with a boost of SAP knowledge on everything related to intelligent finance transformation.

Learn more about the event and register here.

Ido Shamgar is senior director of Global Product Marketing for SAP S/4HANA.