The recent introduction of SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit presents a more strategic approach to managing and optimizing the digital foundation of the Intelligent Enterprise. Now, the insight and visibility you always wanted to bring your IT landscape into the 21st century are available at your fingertips in nearly real time.

For years, a business leader’s perception of its business systems has been shaped by a static report that is periodically generated, providing information on the overview of its cloud solutions and system landscape, availability and usage of cloud products, and known issues and their resolution status.

Unfortunately, all this great insight was a predefined snapshot for the predefined time period of six months. The pace of technology innovation is too sophisticated to be satisfied with static reporting. What users needed was flexibility in the creation of tailored reports according to individual needs.

At SAP, the answer to this dilemma was clear: provide an interactive, self-service cockpit that analyzes a landscape on demand and delivers an interactive, in-the-moment, and accurate view on a single dashboard. And we are providing this much-needed capability through SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit.

Experience Real-Time Guidance Fueling Intelligent Enterprises

SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit is the latest addition to the portfolio of SAP Enterprise Support services, providing a more comprehensive, automated approach to managing the technology foundation of the Intelligent Enterprise. The interactive self-service dashboard tool details how well SAP solutions are working together in a customer’s SAP environment, where problems occur, which areas require improvement or fine-tuning, and many other data points and key indicators.

The configurable nature of the reporting cockpit provides the information needed to help ensure an undisrupted, always-connected business system environment. In a matter of minutes, real-time information can be accessed without delay.

Statistics on product usage, system performance, incident history and status, landscape structure, impending renewals, and planned services are readily available for every IT and organizational decision-maker. Furthermore, users can access as much data as they need on a specific topic to move their business transformation strategy forward – even as much as two years’ worth. Using direct, interactive links to other relevant applications, users can navigate from SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit to get more details.

Imagine the possibilities:

  • How will proactively managing the status of a solution during the current subscription period help better optimize IT resources?
  • What can be achieved with increased visibility into usage of SAP software and support engagement services?
  • Which areas of a business can benefit most from flexible, customized, and interactive reporting delivered through an intuitive dashboard?

Get answers to these questions and more about SAP solutions, including SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Customer Experience and SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Additionally, since the end of April, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain solution, and SAP Cloud Platform have been included. SAP is now working on integrating the on-premise portfolio, which is planned for the end of this year.

Build Your Intelligent Enterprise With Fast, Automated Insight

The value of SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit is much more than presenting statistics on a dashboard. It’s about giving the support and service customers need — and expect — for their SAP solutions

With fast, automated insight, we can work together to take proactive action to address open issues that may negatively impact the user experience down the road. And as the reporting cockpit continues to be improved and extended, new data sections will be introduced to support more cloud solutions and on-premise software – whether they are existing or yet to come.

Get the latest information and answers to frequently asked questions about SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit here.

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Brendan Spelman is head of Content Architecture and Business Automation for Lifetime Customer Experience at SAP.