The world of work is changing – not just where we work, but how we work. Jobs have evolved from static, predefined responsibilities to dynamic roles that require on-the-job learning and ongoing skills development.

Now more than ever, organizations need workforce technology in the cloud that can empower employees with engaging, relevant experiences; deliver the data and insights leaders need to add value to their business; and keep pace with the rapidly changing wants and needs of the workforce.

We have listened intently to our customers and understand that modernizing their human resource (HR) technology is a critical step to further their business transformation, but it is one that takes time, investment, and thoughtful change management. As highlighted during today’s RISE with SAP: The Introduction event, an organization’s transformation to an intelligent enterprise requires the adoption of new technologies to redesign business processes. But we also know that people are critical to any successful transformation. While change at this scale may seem like a long-term strategic goal, there continues to be people and culture transformations happening every day.

As an industry-leading technology provider, it is critical that we provide flexible pathways for our customers to transition their existing on-premise HR solutions to SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite. Through the SAP HXM Movement initiative, we are making significant investments to our HXM solutions and simplifying commercial models to streamline our customers’ journey to the cloud and provide faster time to innovation.

Move to the Cloud with Human Experience Management

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Move to the Cloud with Human Experience Management

We know there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to move to the cloud, and many of our existing on-premise customers will continue to have hybrid models. SAP HXM Movement is designed to help ensure our customers can migrate at a pace that is most beneficial to their business needs while safeguarding existing investments. With RISE with SAP, we can meet our customers exactly where they are in their journey. Because every transformation has its own unique needs. And by offering a simplified commercial model for SAP customers that are still early in their journey, we can provide flexible pathways and predictable costs of migrations so they can benefit from cloud economics while reducing risks.

Moving to SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite enables our customers access to of the born-in-the-cloud innovation from SAP SuccessFactors with the breadth and depth of SAP technologies. And with unmatched scalability and localization, it provides the foundation to reimagine how HR delivers experiences to employees as a strategic transformation partner to the business. The product investments included in SAP HXM Movement build on our existing capabilities with accelerated innovation in these mission-critical areas:

  • Enhanced core HR with improved configurability and localization
  • SAP SuccessFactors Time Trackinga recently announced cloud-based solution that delivers advanced time and attendance capabilities
  • Accelerated payroll innovation in the cloud
  • Streamlined data integration between on-premise and cloud solutions

Business transformation is no longer an option; it’s an imperative. Thriving in today’s economy demands more agility, greater insights, and more dynamic human experiences. In making the market for HXM, we are enabling the next evolution of HR where people are at the center of business. With SAP HXM Movement, we are partnering with our customers to make the technology changes they need to future-proof not only their business transformations, but their people transformations.

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Meg Bear is senior vice president of Product, Engineering, and Operations for SAP SuccessFactors.