In today’s competitive business landscape, customers expect a seamless and personalized online support experience. Using “SAP for Me” helps organizations to meet and exceed these expectations. When engaging with support, customers and partners need to use a wide range of digital access points. As the number of portals and tools increased over time, requests for simplification and transparency for support-related tasks grew louder.

As one important milestone in this transition, SAP is now migrating SAP ONE Support Launchpad to SAP for Me as the new, personalized central entry point for SAP support. As of April 22, 2023, users are being redirected to SAP for Me. To help ensure a smooth transition, both portals will continue to run in parallel over the next weeks. After June 29, 2023, customers and partners will automatically be redirected to SAP for Me without any further prompts, and consequently SAP ONE Support Launchpad will be dissolved.

SAP for Me offers a new, user-friendly interface with improved functionalities. It enables interaction with SAP support experts and can provide immediate guidance to the best solutions for daily business tasks. It aims to make detached information a thing of the past on the customer journey to an intelligent enterprise. SAP for Me will become the central digital touchpoint for all SAP solutions.

Consolidating Multiple Portals into One Central Place

SAP for Me helps streamline access to SAP support and aggregates alerts, self-services, and metrics for full transparency and a comprehensive end-to-end view of the individual SAP product portfolio. The new portal helps integrate multiple touchpoints and harmonize the tool landscape within SAP.

All applications and support-related tasks known from SAP ONE Support Launchpad are available in SAP for Me – making SAP for Me the digital companion to engage with SAP support. Customers and partners can get immediate valuable guidance and recommendations through a variety of SAP resources.

What to Know When Starting with SAP for Me

  • Launchpad S-user authorizations are automatically carried over to SAP for Me – no additional access authorization is needed to use SAP for Me.
  • The portal gives access to personalized content in one of the most-used languages – whether English, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, French, Portuguese, or Spanish.
  • What used to be called a ‘tile’ in SAP ONE Support Launchpad to perform support-related tasks or applications is now called ‘card’ in SAP for Me and has more detailed information at your convenience. Support-relevant ‘cards’ are mainly located in ‘Services & Support’ and ‘Systems & Provisioning’ dashboards. More information about what went where can be found on this SAP Support Portal page.
  • SAP for Me capabilities come in various flavors, including newly developed, fully integrated applications, cards with key performance indicators or charts, fast access cards, and link lists. Further evolvements will continue to be made over time.
  • With the migration of SAP ONE Support Launchpad to SAP for Me, the terminology will be changed from ‘incident’ to ‘case’ to follow the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. To make the transition easy for customers and partners, the search functionality will still find the correct applications with the former name.

Leverage Support in the Most Efficient and Guided Way Using the Brand-New ‘Get Support’ Application

Customers and partners benefit from the newly developed ‘Get Support’ application. This feature provides a step-by-step guided support experience and is replacing what was formerly known as ‘Incident Wizard/Form’ in SAP ONE Support Launchpad. Artificial intelligence (AI) is leveraged to help predict the right product categorization and recommend the most suitable support channel to help resolve your technical issues quickly and effortlessly – whether through Expert Chat, Schedule an Expert, Ask an Expert Peer, SAP Community, or ‘case,’ formerly known as ‘incident.’ It represents a central access point to previously detached applications.

Take a moment to learn more details and watch a demo about the SAP for Me portal and the new ‘Get Support’ functionality. Join one of the upcoming live support webcasts in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Access SAP Support on the Go

With the SAP for Me mobile app, support interaction is possible anywhere and anytime to complete tasks and access information directly on a smartphone. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

In conclusion, SAP for Me puts customer and partner interests into focus. While partners can manage their pipeline and customer success, the portal also serves as the central entry point for all support-related topics and questions for customers. It allows access to relevant information, self-services, and consumption status connected to any purchased product portfolio. Enjoy your journey with your digital companion today!

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Jasmin Baus is part of Customer Support and Innovation Communications at SAP.