There’s great news for SAP users who enjoy the convenience of the Built-In Support tool, which they can access right within an application. SAP is now expanding Built-In Support into SAP SuccessFactors solutions as well.

In this interview, Gaurav Dabur, head of Support for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Analytics and Integrations, gives insight into what SAP SuccessFactors customers and users can look forward to.

Q: What does this mean for users?

A: In the past, if customers using an SAP solution needed to raise a case or find information, they needed to leave the application and go to either the SAP for Me portal or the SAP Help Portal site for answers. With the introduction of Built-In Support, users can stay within the SAP SuccessFactors solution and find the right information, which is based on enhanced search capabilities powered by artificial intelligence (AI). AI pulls the context directly from the application. This enables it to provide a tailored search experience that can recommend the specific content to best solve their issue.

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Our focus is to give customers a consistent support experience and help them get their answers more quickly. Customers can get direct access to support content, tools, and channels from SAP support – right at their fingertips and with no implementation efforts required.

What will SAP SuccessFactors customers notice that’s different?

Let me give three key examples. First, Built-In Support can provide live recommendations and access to more personalized support content and the latest and most-used knowledge sources directly within the SAP SuccessFactors solution.

Second, it also provides a personalized and guided support experience that can shorten the time to resolve issues. This means users can get their issues solved on their own without needing to wait on support. The feature also has comprehensive case management, which helps the user better manage their cases directly within the SAP SuccessFactors solution.

And finally, users can really collaborate with SAP experts in real time using our Real-Time Support channels.

Why is Built-In Support valuable for customers?

Built-In Support helps provide customers with an industry-leading, harmonized, in-product experience that is available in many SAP products. Customers that use multiple SAP products can have a homogenized and harmonized experience across different applications.

Within SAP SuccessFactors solutions, customers can now make use of the enhanced self-service options that leverage our internal, AI-based search mechanism. This helps provide more comprehensive, focused, and personalized search results. Customers can be more self-sufficient and can get their issues solved more quickly.

I encourage users to explore the new functionality of Built-In Support and to take advantage of SAP support’s knowledge base and content repository as they explore the SAP self-service solutions. They can also read more about the availability for SAP SuccessFactors solutions in “SAP SuccessFactors What’s New Viewer” and this SAP Knowledge Base Article.

Regina Postman is part of Customer Support and Innovation Communications at SAP.

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